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[GUIDE] Registration steps

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PostRagnar on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:25 pm

[guide title="Registration on LTW"]
[box]- [GoTo="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t24-guide-about-items" markP="1"]Start the registration[/GoTo]
- [GoTo="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t24-guide-about-items" markP="2"]Rules: Choice of a username[/GoTo]
- [GoTo="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t24-guide-about-items" markP="3"]The Joining form after Registration[/GoTo]

[markP="1"][tit]Step by Step Registration[/tit]
[box]*Check for the registration button on navbar or toolbar [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/Qf2rhqH.png"] ← click this icon to see where are them
*Once you've clicked "Register," you will be brought to a page like so [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/UrzUj3H.png"]
*After you clicked the button "I Agree to these terms" you will see this page [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/HPuDV3R.png"]
*Fill in the data required, for the username read the rules about it [GoTo="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t24-guide-about-items" markP="2"]here[/GoTo]
*Also, we ask you use one email for your accounts to keep everything tidy!
*When you finished, click the "Save" button [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/liDpWOd.png"]
*Sometimes the forum says a username is taken, when truly it is not. If that happens just out a number at the end and we'll fix it for you later!
*If everything is correct you will be leaded to a page to confirm the password. Put same password [Note text="If you dislike memorizing a bunch of different passwords, you can have all your accounts as a single password (in case you didn't know)!"] that you put on the last step [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/9Jl6xOK.png"]  ← Also verify the code
*Once done, this page will load, it means your account was successfully created! [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/rQ1U98n.png"]
*Now go to inform about the creation of this account on the [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t36-main-thread-of-ltw#149" text="Main Thread" title="Click me"]! By sending the joining form!

[markP="2"][tit]Rules when registering your Username[/tit]
[box]*Your username may not include any numbers or symbols
*Your username must be the name of your character you are signing up with
*Your username may not include any words unrelated to your character
*Your username may not contain any hate, slang, curse, or derogatory words
*Your username must use correct capitalization and grammar
*If Forumotion says that the username has been taken just include a period at the end or a number [Note text=" One of the admins will change that for you and let you know on the Forum Thread"]

[markP="3"][tit]Joining Form after registration[/tit]
[box]*Once your account is created you must inform about it on the main thread, located [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t36-main-thread-of-ltw#149" text="here" title="Click me"]!
*There is the code of the joining form, but if you prefer you can copy it here:
[box color="#eeeda8" bg="rgb(66, 58, 31)"]
[b][color=#aba279]Name:[/color][/b] xXNameHere
[b][color=#9C6343]How did you find us?:[/color][/b] xXExplainHow
[b][color=#BB7C63]Activity level (Out of ten):[/color][/b] xXPutANumberOutOf10
[b][color=#F1694F]Secret Code:[/color][/b] xXSecretCodeHere


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