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[GUIDE] LTW Official Rules

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PostRagnar on Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:14 pm

[guide title="LTW Rules"]
[box]Every site has their own guidelines to determine what they expect from their members. If you do not agree with the rules, then you are recommended to leave the site! However, they are simple and easy to follow, so you are warned! If a rule is broken, you will be punished or get a tip from a Council member! Continue reading below..[/box]

[tit]Reporting Bad Behavior or Broken Rule[/tit]
[box]If you notice another member behaving wrongly or breaking any of these rules, report the post (The button is at the right corner of every post, the one with an exclamation mark → !) and wait for a Council member to respond. If it is not in a post, screenshot the behavior and report to a Council member with your evidence via PM, Discord+ or Skype+

+DO NOT send a message report in the public chats. Contact one of the Admins or Moderators privately in PM, Discord or Skype[/box]

[tit]General Rules[/tit]
[box]These are the rules that mostly concern common courtesy and respect to the site and it's members. It contains other things as well.

[blockquote]N#1 = Respect each other. - In short, be mature and nice. Follow the site rules and be courteous to others!

N#2 =
Use proper grammar. - Messages should have a minimal of writing and grammar errors. If mistakes are excessive in your writing, you will be asked to edit your post.

N#3 = Do not SPAM! - Posting irrelevant content, with phrases too short that don't contribute to the subject, commenting or divert topics that do not correspond to the theme of the section is deemed spam and will cause for a warning. (This includes excessive use of smileys.) Most forums have a word count anyways.

N#4 = No rainbow colors - We do not allow anthro characters, rainbow colors, wings, powers and abilities (except if is specified in a skill, read about it [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t29-guide-badges-of-ltw-memoirs-and-skills" text="here" title="Click me"]), god-modding, or any other unrealistic form of characters. We allow unrealistic markings and slightly off putting pelt colors, but they should be dulled down so they are not vibrant eye-sores. See [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t34-guide-species-rules" text="this guide" title="Click me"] for more about designs.

N#5 = Do not spy! - Spying is prohibited, as is any purpose related to it. This includes the stealing and circulation of information shown only to the members of LTW and using it in other places without an admin's permission. Also includes the hidden contents to the guests, as well the chats in the internal chatbox. If someone wants to know all this private content, they simply must join us! You are advised, if you are caught, you will be banned from LTW!

N#6 = No derogatory uses of curse words. - Cussing is permitted on LTW and may be used in and out of RP. Keep it realistic; there's no reason to use the word 'fuck' in every other word of your sentence. If it seems excessive, you will be warned by a Council member to censor your cursing.

N#7 = No links to illegal or pornographic content. - Generally not a problem, but it happens, and if it does, it will equal an automatic ban. Extremist policy, porn, morally dangerous, keys, hacks, cracks, warez or anything else illegal is prohibited. There is no excuse.

N#8 = Do not spam advertise your websites/affiliations. - Spamming with links to your own websites, or invitations to the website or any other type of publicity to an external site is not allowed anywhere on LTW. (Including posts, signatures, the chatbox, etc.) You can always use the section of affiliations for that, and make sure you read to rules on affiliating before you do so!

N#9 = Do not harass or insult other users. - This goes back to the first rule or respect. Any posts or content with the sole purpose of disturbing and insulting other members of this community is prohibited.

N#10 =
You are responsible for what you share. - Whether you talk about your age, name, gender, etc, is strictly your choice to share or not, and therefore, LTW is not responsible for the misuse of any information that you give or say. If you choose to share, be honest, for your sake and our member's sake- let that trust be there. If you prefer certain pronouns to be called by, please do not be afraid to say so to other members, you will find no judgment towards the LGBT community here.

N#11 = No discrimination of any kind. - Whether it be of gender, race, sexuality, religion, nationality, or whatever else, this rule follows with the last sentence of the rule above. You will respect the diversity of the people in this community, and this includes the equal treatment of the LGBT community. (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender.) This community is very diverse, as is the rest of the world - so get with it or get out!

N#12 = You must have RP Experience to join. - If this is your first time roleplaying, then leave the site now. LTW is a moderate to advanced roleplay website and does not have the time to teach and try to catch up newtimers. Please find a beginner's site to build up your skills and return!

N#13 = Do not attention seek! - Narcissism is frowned upon, so don't be that person who constantly talks about themselves. If the reason you are talking about these issues is simply for the sake of gaining attention and sympathy, then you'd be wise not to say it, because it will be ignored. If attention-seeking becomes excessive and/or is making you uncomfortable, report to a council member right away, or ask them nicely to stop. (NOTE: There is truly a difference between seeking for attention and seeking for help. We can generally tell which is which. If you have a serious issue, do not be afraid to ask for consultants on the chat or skype group!) [/blockquote]

[tit]Regarding Posts and RP Posts[/tit]
[box]This will briefly cover the topics that explain more on their subject. Be sure to click the exiting links to read the information you need to know!

[blockquote]N#14 = RP Posts are required to have a minimal of words - You can see the word count right below the Quick Reply box or Post Reply page. It depends on the RP group you join. For public threads of STT for example, you must meet the 150 word count to be able to make your RP post. You can use the word count widget to the left of the site to see what you have typed exactly. Private threads can skip that rule using the code of the editor to avoid words [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/5nUbYfg.gif"]

N#15 = You must use the proper codes when making an RP Post. - There are certain codes you must use to type for RP post to make the RP go smoother. There are more rules about RP to be read, so click [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t31-guide-roleplay-rules" text="this topic" title="Click me"] to learn them!

N#16 =
Report a post when you find something wrong. - This could include an error in coding, a member breaking a rule, or simply to notify the Council to update something on your profile or whatnot. Read about reporting messages [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t39-guide-about-reports" text="here" title="Click me"] to know the rules to Reporting![/blockquote][/box]

[tit]Character Designs[/tit]
[box]This section concerns the rules on character designs on LTW. They are very brief so you MUST read the topic about them specifically [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t34-guide-species-rules" text="Here" title="Click me"]

[blockquote]N#17 = Good contrast. - Colors should be realistic to the the degree that they are not horrifically contrasting and all colors agree with each other.

N#18 = Believable markings. - Markings in general should make sense and not be outrageous. Unrealistic is allowed, but it should flow neatly with the rest of the character's design.

N#19 =
 No neon, bright colors. - Colors should be realistic to the the degree that they can be found on wolves (depending on subspecies) and/or be explained why the unnatural color is on the pelt.

N#20 =  Realistic scars are MANDATORY. - Scars must be realistically done and realistically placed; The character must actually have been able to survive wherever the scar is at, since it takes a very deep wound to leave a mark behind. [/blockquote][/box]

[tit]Chatbox and PM Rules[/tit]
[box]These are the rules you are expected to follow when you are on the chatbox of LTW and in the skype/discord groups This includes not just the member chat, but also the guest chat.

[blockquote]N#21 =  Follow the General Rules. - The rules that apply for the entire site apply in the chatbox as well.

N#22 =
No gossiping. - Do not gossip, talk behind people's backs, spread lies/secrets, etc. It causes hate and confusion; just don't.

N#23 = No Yelling. - An occasional all caps sentence is okay but TALKING LIKE THIS CONSTANTLY is quite annoying to most people. So please, avoid it.

N#24 = Be mature and respect each other. - Have manners while in the chat box. No name calling or rude remarks intended towards each other at all. If you don't agree with someone's opinion you can tell them but don't get mad or hurt their feelings in the process. The secret code to the joining thread is Living The WorldWide! If someone is being difficult, please refrain from starting an argument and instead find a Council member.

N#25 = No long or inappropriate links. - Yes, it is occasionally done on accident but please, try to keep links short. Long links are annoying and can stretch the chatbox. Also, no inappropriate links in the chat box. If you are caught sharing inappropriate links, the consequences are severe - so don't do it!

N#26 = No advertising or anything of the sort. - Do not advertise your pack or site in the chatbox. That is was the affiliation forum is for! Do not talk about other packs or groups unless they are a part of LTW!

N#27 =
 Be smart and responsible when sending a PM! - Please take notice to the [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t38-guide-ltw-private-messages-rules" text="PM Rules topic" title="Click me"] for more information about sending Private Messages to members on LTW.  [/blockquote]

*If you have a skype or discord account and wish to join the LTW Skype/discord group, send your request to join on the [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t36-main-thread-of-ltw#149" text="Main Thread!" title="Click me"][/box]

[box][blockquote]N#28 = Everything on LTW is copyrighted to the creator, Ragnar and the contributors. - If something was not created by LTW or Ragnar, the author will be sourced. Do not use anything from this website without the permission of Ragnar or the author!

N#29 =
 Always credit what does not belong to you! - This include lineart, character designs, the photographer of a photo manipulation, a quote or poem from the author, etc. Copyright infringement is illegal and very serious! Read more about it on this topic [link="https://live-the-worldwide.rpg-board.net/t167-guide-ltw-copyrights" text="Here" title="Click me"].[/blockquote][/box]
[blockquote]If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, you may contact an administrator for directory[/blockquote]

Tags / Keywords of the message:#LTW #rule #rules

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